Contract offer

This paper “Public Offer to Conclude a Contract for Participation in the “Say Future: Security – 2018” Forum" (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") organized by Exhibition Companies Group (ZAO “OVK “BIZON”), hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor" is a proposal of the Contractor to conclude paid services agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") on the conditions set forth below with any person or legal entity who accepts this offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer"). Further on, at a joint mentioning, the Contractor and the Customer are referred to as the "Parties".

  1. Procedure for concluding the Agreement

    1. The offer is considered accepted by the Customer and the Contract is concluded by the Parties in aggregate:

      1. Registration of the Customer on the site of the event in the Internet network, located at (hereinafter referred to as the "Site of the Event") with indication of his identifying data.
      2. Payment by the Customer of the services rendered under the Contract.
    2. In accordance with clause 3 of Article 434 and clause 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the written form of the Contract is considered to be observed if the person or legal entity who received the offer, within the time period established for its acceptance, performs actions necessary to fulfill the conditions of the Contract specified in the offer, including actions for payment of the Contractor's services. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of payment by the Customer of the services to be rendered by the Contractor under this Agreement.

  2. Subject of the Agreement

    1. The Contractor undertakes to provide services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") to ensure the participation of the Customer and (or) specified by him persons in the "Say Future: Security — 2018" Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Event"), and the Customer undertakes to pay for the Services on the terms and conditions stipulated in the Contract.

    2. Date of the Event: October 2018.

    3. The Conference program is available on the Contractor's website at: and can be changed at the discretion of the Contractor.

  3. Provided Services

    1. Entrance ticket for the event (by categories), advertising and information services, opportunity to speak at the event, organization of business meetings on request, the provision of a site for the Customer’s stand, opportunity to participate in the contest program, opportunity to participate in the press conference, opportunity to participate in the drawing of the main prize, etc.

    2. Services are provided in the form of the "Service Package" (hereinafter referred to as the "Package").

  4. Cost of Services and terms and procedures of payment

    1. The cost of the Services depends on the chosen Package and / or the cost of the entrance ticket of the corresponding category.

    2. After registration on the Site of the Event, the Customer indicates the number of the entrance tickets of the corresponding category and / or the required Package. Cost of the Services under the Agreement depends on the cost of the services ordered at the registration on the Event Website and is indicated in the Application for participation in the Event.

    3. The Customer undertakes to pay for the ordered services on a 100% prepayment basis as following:

      • for individuals — not later than 3 (Three) calendar days after the invoice issue date;
      • for legal entities — no later than 3 (Three) bank working days after the invoice issue date.
    4. Payment for the services is made by transferring funds to the Executor's settlement account indicated in section 8, or in case the Customer is an individual, payment for the Services is allowed through the use of the Electronic Ticketing System.

    5. Upon rendering of all requested by the Customer services the Act of Rendered Services is provided by the Contractor within the time frame established by the Russian legislation.

  5. Obligations of the Parties

    1. The Contractor undertakes:

      1. To ensure participation of the Customer and / or the persons specified by him in the Event.
      2. To provide representatives of the Customer with passes of the appropriate category.
      3. In case of changing the dates of the Event, notify the Customer about all such changes and ensure the provision of services taking into account the changed terms.
    2. The Customer undertakes to pay for the ordered services according to this Agreement and corresponding invoice(s).

  6. Agreement Termination Procedure

    1. The Customer has the right to cancel the Agreement at any time by sending a written notice to the Contractor by e-mail.

    2. In case of the Customer's decision to cancel the Agreement, the Parties agreed on the following procedure for the return of the paid cost of services:

      1. In case if the cancellation notification is received by the Contactor before 60 (sixty) calendar days prior to the date of the Event, the Contractor returns to the Customer the full amount of the transferred sum, excluding commissions deducted by the credit institutions that can be withheld when the Executor performs the operation to return the funds.
      2. In case if the cancellation notification is received by the Contactor after 60 (sixty) calendar prior to the date of the Event, the funds paid by the Customer shall not be returned and shall be deemed paid for the reimbursement of the Contractor's expenses incurred in order to organize the Event.
  7. Final Provisions

    1. The Contract comes into force from the moment of payment of the invoice by the Customer and shall act until the Parties fulfill their obligations in full.

    2. The Contract can be terminated in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    3. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations, the Parties are liable in full accordance with the provisions of the Contract and current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    4. All the disputes and disagreements arising from the Contract or in connection with its execution shall be settled through negotiations by both Parties in an extrajudicial claim procedure. Compliance with this pretrial claim procedure is mandatory. The time for consideration of the claim shall be established as 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date as the claim is received by the Party.

    5. In case if it is found impossible to resolve the arisen disputes and disagreements through negotiation, such disputes and disagreements are subject to review in court in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    6. By concluding the Contract, the Customer freely, with his will and in his interest, gives irredeemable and irrevocable written consent for the use of any personal data specified in it or provided separately in connection with the conclusion and / or execution of the Contract, including mentioning links to the Contractor's website that is a publicly available source of personal data, as well as other ways of processing such personal data, including any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed with personal data by using automation tools or without using such tools, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating (modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data . The above consent is given by the Customer to the Contractor for the purpose of processing personal data to ensure the participation of the Customer and (or) specified by the Customer persons in the Event. In case if the Customer provides personal data of the third parties, the Customer undertakes to obtain written permission for their use and transfer to the Contractor. The Customer assures the Contractor that the personal data of the third parties will not be transferred to the Contractor in the absence of the written consent of these third parties. The Contractor relies on the reliability of this assurance. In case if this assurance is not true, the Customer undertakes to reimburse the Contractor for any losses incurred, including but not limited to fines imposed on the Contractor.

    7. The Customer and the participants of the Event sent by the Customer are prohibited from carrying out audio recording, video and photography without the written permission of the Contractor.

    8. Notifications and documents transmitted under the Contract may be sent in writing to the following addresses:

      • For the Customer: indicated at the registration.
      • For the Contractor: 129223, Moscow, PO Box 10.

      The parties agreed that notices and other documents under the Contract shall be deemed to be received by the Party on the day of their actual receipt, confirmed by the post mark, by the signature of the authorized person or by the date of arrival of correspondence to the liaison office for delivery to the addressee (if the addressee is out of receipt or evasion from receiving it). In case of sending notifications via facsimile and electronic means of communication, including through the Customer's personal account (area) all such notices, documents and other information shall be deemed to be received by the Party on the day/date of their sending.

      In case of changing addresses and other significant and relevant information of one of the Parties, this Party is obliged to notify the second Party within 5 (five) calendar days by placing the necessary information on the Contractor's website (including in the Customer's personal account / area). Otherwise, the fulfillment by the Party of obligations under the previous requisites will be considered proper performance of the obligations under the Contract.

    9. The current version of the Offer is posted on the Internet at

  8. Legal addresses and bank details of the Contractor:

    Exhibition Companies Group ”BIZON” (ZAO “OVK “BIZON”)
    TIN/RRC 7717572935/771701001
    Legal address: 129223, Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119, Building. 69
    Mail address: 129223, Moscow, P.O.Box 10
    Bank details: a/c No.40702978038090117597,
    Moscow Bank of SBERBANK of Russia,
    RCBIC 044525225