Business talks are held at the Forum using the following services:

  • Networking — Open browser for mobile phones of the participants during the Forum;
  • Business lounge — site for business talks and free visits;
  • Consultation of the speaker — open negotiation zones (at the request of the speaker);
  • Organization of meetings — a platform for limited-access business negotiations (at the request of participants working within the framework of packages of the relevant categories).

Service "Organization of meetings" is included in the list of services and is carried out for participants of the following categories of packages "Participant", "Visitor — VIP corporation", "Visitor-speaker" and "Partners and sponsors".

Features of the "Organization of meetings" service include:

  1. Beginning from September of this year. work of the contact center, whose specialists contact each of the Participants of the program and find out their business needs for the formation of a program of bilateral and multilateral meetings and negotiations.
  2. Assigning to each participant of the program a personal manager.
  3. Providing program participants with proposals on organizing meetings, in case if business interests of the program participants are overlapping.
  4. Providing program participants with the opportunity to prepare for the meeting (exchange information and ask corresponding questions of interest).
  5. Provision of the program participants, incl. directly at the Exhibition, the ability to print out the schedule of their meetings, appoint additional meetings and make changes to the already adopted schedule.
  6. Registration of representatives of the program participants at the event with the help of specialized software for the operation of check-in counters at the entrance to a special business zone.
  7. Personal information to each participant of the service program about the place and time of meetings and negotiations planned for the relevant participant, incl. about any changes in the place and time of meetings and negotiations.