FAQ: How to become a participant of SAY FUTURE: SECURITY forum

  1. Our company would like to take part in the forum. What shall we do?

    To become a participant of the forum kindly register on say-future.ru website and purchase one of four presented participation packages. You may also contact Organizers of the forum via telephone, email or website contact form. We will provide you with full assistance.

  2. How do participation packages differ from each other?

    Based on your possibilities, necessities and budget our packages offer different rate of representation. Packages with higher cost provide more sufficient participation involvement in forum activities.

  3. We are young, aspiring and very promising Start Up. Our advertising and marketing budget is very limited but we are very interested in forum participation to draw professional attention and investments to our enterprise.

    Well, try ECONOM package then. This package will provide you with: participation diploma, website information display about your company, photo and video review after the forum ending. Moreover, if you wish, we may also organize business meetings for you and provide you with 2 sq.m. stand for your products and ideas presentation and, of course, you will have your slot on the Opening Ceremony of the forum. Despite Exhibitor type entrance badge you will be provided with three Visitor type promo codes to invite your colleagues, friends and close associates.

  4. But 2 sq.m. would not be enough to demonstrate our cutting-edge technology. We have perfect installation with special effects and optical projector…

    In this case, purchase STANDARD package and get a twice bigger stand for advanced promotion – 4 sq.m.

  5. Our company already has a ready-to-use technological solution and developmental prototype. We would like to take part in completion and present our product.

    STANDARD+ package is made for you. It provides you with possibility to join the competition and present your product or solution within its’ framework. You will be also provided with 6 Visitor type promo codes.

  6. Our company is going to demonstrate outstanding invention which will change the market, extend boundaries and change the future… We would like to draw maximum attention of visitors and participants of the forum to our product!

    Always aspire to a maximum and achieve maximum results! BUSINESS package apart from the all above mentioned services provides more options like participation in top prize competition, on stage Speaker presentation and photo session and also informing of all forum website subscribers about your company and products. Additionally you will be provided with 9 Visitor type promo codes and Exhibitor and Speaker type entrance badges.

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