Completion of the international forum on modern and future security technologies "SAY FUTURE: SECURITY"


The “SAY FUTURE: SECURITY” forum has come to the end.

The second and final day of the forum was intense and dynamic. The performances of the speakers and participants of the National Security Competition continued in the morning. 11 tracks were spent:

  • Plenary session of "SAY FUTURE: SECURITY" forum Safe future;
  • Digital economy — the market of innovations of the future;
  • Business Security
  • Safety of retail
  • Collaborative robotics — the security of the future in industrial production;
  • Drones;
  • Equipment;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Video Surveillance;
  • Integration of security systems;
  • PR of the future.

The National Security Competition has ended. 61 participants in 10 nominations presented their projects, developments and innovative products to the authoritative jury. The winners of the contest were awarded special prizes:

  • Third place and a bronze check in the nomination "Drones" was awarded to the Air Force Academy named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin" for the development of "Infrared automatic landing system for unmanned aerial vehicles";
  • The second place and the silver check in the “Antiterror” nomination also went to the Air Force Academy named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin with the project "Small-sized automated reconnaissance complex";
  • The winner of the contest and the owner of the gold check became Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School of the Ministry of Defense of Russia which presented its own design in the Antiterror nomination, the Dynamic Parachutist Trainer the paratrooper.

The participants and speakers were awarded prizes from the sponsor, and the forum ended with a grand show program.

Following the results of the forum, the SAY FUTURE team states: The event was a success!

It is time to take stock:

  • During the two days of the last forum, more than 100 speakers delivered speeches;
  • The forum was visited by 2,700 people;
  • In presentations, discussions and debates, important topics and technical aspects related to the latest security technologies are covered. Marked the direction of development of modern high-tech industries. Outlined the application of different know-how and innovative products;
  • One of the most pleasant results of the forum was a huge amount of laudatory reviews from speakers, participants and visitors;
  • We didn’t just look into the future, we visited it!

The forum is over, but the SAY FUTURE team is not saying goodbye to you. According to the results of the forum will be a serious analysis. All drawbacks and roughness are counted. Taken into account reviews and suggestions. SAY FUTURE will not stop and will not rest on its laurels.