Digital economy — the market of innovations of the future

25 October
Digital economy is the main strategy of development of Russia for the next years. Technological breakthrough, new reserves creation and competitiveness in the world market are the key objectives of the state. Regulators and state corporations will talk about the main directions and trends of development and also discuss the role and importance of security field in overcoming the challenges of hi-tech and rapidly developing world.
Information security in the context of big data, formation of the national data management system
Russian-Chinese technological fund as an instrument of cooperation and joint financing in innovation sector
Features of digitalization of full-cycle security companies
Discussion: Will investors come to digitalization?

How does the infrastructure of digital economy of Russia look like today? Will investors come to digitalization? What measures of state support of programs of digitalization operate in Russia today?

The future of digital finance

Questions to be discussed:

  • How will digital finance be regulated internationally?
  • What is the future of bills on digital financial assets in the Russian Federation?
  • What alternatives to regulating the use of digital finance are currently available?
  • Is it planned to create a single cryptocurrency at the level of the EAEU?
  • New digital asset business solutions.
  • How will ethical and moral aspects be taken into account when regulating digital assets in a volatile environment?