Statute & Regulations of the “National Security” Contest

Main idea of the “National Security” Contest

Main idea of the “National Security” Contest is the selection and demonstration of the most outstanding products and projects in the field of ensuring of homeland security.

The contest is held within the framework of the annually held International exhibitions, forums and conferences in the field of security with a goal of encouraging companies, organizations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the matters of state security.

Main goals of the “National Security” Contest

  • to facilitate activity of researchers, inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs in the field of security;
  • to demonstrate the level of achievements in the field of security.

Organizers of the “National Security” Contest

Organizers of the Contest are organizers of the corresponding events (exhibitions, forums, conferences, etc), Federal executive bodies, profile associations, unions and other interested organizations.

Nominations of the “National Security” Contest

  • Anti-Terror
  • Equipment
  • Drones
  • Cyber Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Perimeter protection
  • Security and fire alarms
  • Access Control Systems
  • Biometrics
  • State security systems and means

Working Bodies of the “National Security” Contest

Secretariat of the “National Security” Contest

The main working body of the Contest is the Secretariat of the Contest. Secretariat is headed by the Executive Director of the corresponding exhibition, forum or conference within which the Contest is held.

The Secretariat accepts from the participants Applications for Participation in the Contest and their video presentation, prepares the decisions of the Contest Commission on selection of the list of projects admitted to participation in subsequent stages of the Contest, notifies the participants of the decisions taken on the projects, organizes project presentations and the award ceremony of the winners.

Contest Commission

In order to conduct an examination of the projects submitted to the Contest, the Organizing Committee forms the special Contest Commission. It consists of the members of the Organizing Committee of the event. According to the decision of the Organizers of the Contest, it may also include specialists in the corresponding field of security. The Contest Commission holds regular meetings where it considers projects participating in the Competition, and decides on admission of projects to the Competition, as well as on awarding the winners.

Participants of the Content

Participants of the Content can be all presenting their projects participants of the corresponding event (exhibition, forum or conference).

The participant submitting the application to the Contest confirms that the information contained therein does not contain commercial, state or other secrets and gives his consent to the open access of general public to his Application, which should be considered as information in the public domain, which includes posting this information on the official site of the corresponding event.

Order of Participation in the “National Security 2018” Contest

Registration of the Contest participants begins after placing an announcement on the Competition on the official website of the exhibition. To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to fill out the Application — Contract for participation in the Contest and send it to the Contest Secretariat.

Stages of the “National Security 2018” Contest

1st Stage. Materials submitted for the contest should contain: application-contract for participation in the contest and video-presentation (up to 3 minutes). Applications should be forwarded to the Contest Organizing Committee not later than 1 August 2018.

2nd Stage. The Secretariat of the Contest evaluates the received applications and passes its judgments on advisability of subsequent consideration of the project as the participant of the 3rd stage of the Contest (before October 1, 2018).

3rd Stage. At the third stage of the contest, the participants hold a personal 5-minutes presentation of their technical solutions to the members of the Contest Commission. After the presentation, there is a 5 minutes session during which the experts ask the author(s) of the project various questions Venue: 100 Innovations Case Stage (Hall B).

Criteria for evaluating technical solutions: novelty, efficiency and effectiveness of the presented products. Based on the results of the discussion, the Contest Commission summarizes all the presentations and prepares a list of the winners of the competition. The Contest Commission decides on the winners of the competition by a simple majority of votes of the present Contest Commission members.

4th Stage. Awarding of the laureates and winners of the Contest will be held on October 25, 2018. Venue: Main Stage (Hall B).

The participants of the contest, who passed all of its stages, become its laureates. The winners of the contest are awarded by special diploma and gold medal “QUALITY AND SECURITY GUARANTEE” with the right to use the logo of the medal (the logo is the registered Trade Mark) in the trade marks of their products.

The Contest Commission decides the winners of the Contest (1, 2, 3 places) and awards them with a special prize (check).

  • 1st place — gold check;
  • 2nd place — silver check;
  • 3rd place — bronze check.

The results of the Contest are published on the official website of the event and in other media — information partners.