Andrey Bezrukov

President of the Association for the Export of Technological Sovereignty

Associate Professor, Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems, MGIMO University ofMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Adviser to the Chief Executive Director of PAO "NK Rosneft", member of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, expert of the Valdai Club. Andrei is the author of books and articles on issues of forecasting the future, strategic planning, foreign and defence policy.

Mr. Bezrukov is one of the leading authorities on geopolitics, foreign and domestic policy of the United States, France and a number of other countries. He has many years of experience working abroad, both in the public service and in the private sector, with leading multinational companies in the US and France.

Andrey holds a Master of Public Administration (Harvard University, USA), and a Master in International Business (France), as well as education of international economist and historian.

Technological revolution and the military-political redivision of the world lead to the transformation of economic, social and political models and the intensification of competition in the world arena. This forms a global demand for security. In turn, with the advent of the global digital space, including the "Internet of things", threats to security and sovereignty also become digital.

An increasing number of countries are looking at Russia as a strategic partner supporting the values of national sovereignty, as well as possessing its own competitive technologies and experience in securing the territories and facilities of critical infrastructure.

Russian companies have unique opportunities to gain key positions in new global markets for high-tech infrastructure.

The participants of the track will discuss the strategy of exporting security as a way of gaining a leading position in global markets, consolidating efforts to develop exports of high-tech products and security services and creating reliable mechanisms for political and economic influence. Examples of clusters of competencies and consortia that can offer integrated solutions to clients will consider a systematic approach to achieving this goal, including the creation of an export culture, effective mechanisms for company interaction, bridging inter-agency barriers and strengthening the export support infrastructure.

Export potential of security market - How to conquer foreign markets.