Nikita Utkin

Head of programs of JSC "RVC", Chairman of TC "Cyber-physical systems"

Mr.Utkin works in JSC "RVC" from the middle of 2011, at the moment as the Head of programs. Has considerable experience in the field of technological business: both in consulting and investments and in market and technological analytics. Before that he had a long experience of work in multinational corporation of technological sector and in business consulting field.

Mr. Utkin worked in governing boards of a number of Russian investment instruments (funds). His filed of competences also includes: strategic and business planning, corporate development and monitoring of activity of investment instruments (funds).

The last 5 years Mr. Utkin was involved as an expert from the Russian Federation in activity of separate structures and working groups of International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC and International Organization for Standardization, ISO in the most perspective technological directions.

Creation in March, 2017 of technical committee for standardization "Cyber-physical systems" with Mr. Utkin in charge has become a logical extension of this activity. Within the range of operational activity of technical committee the development and acceptance of a number of national standards and also development and harmonization of the international standards (the technical committee is "mirror" (mirror committee) for the relevant structures of ISO/IEC) is conducted in such perspective technological directions as: Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing.

Mr. Utkin is actively involved in realization of "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" Program (decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2017 No. 1632-r).

Mr. Utkin has graduated from Economics department of St. Petersburg State University with honors, has finished business education in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, the USA) and was also trained in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, the USA).

Industry 4.0. Digital transformation.