Victor Petrischev

Member of the Public Advisory Council on the Problems of Combating International Terrorism of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Law, Professor

At the "Anti-Terror" site held within the framework of the "Say Future: Security" forum, it is planned to consider a big number of issues relevant to the actual problem of our time — countering terrorist threats.

Terrorists are acting more and more sophisticated, using modern weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, adapting to their criminal purposes various technologies, vehicles, energy facilities, achievements of the chemical industry. In the fight against terrorism, it is necessary to learn how to anticipate new scenarios of terrorists, be prepared to prevent them, and protect people.

In view of the political motivation of terrorists, their actions are considered by experts through the prism of their own political views, which gives rise to double standards in assessing terrorist threats. This circumstance seriously complicates consolidation of the efforts of various states in the fight against terrorism. However, within the framework of the "Anti-Terror" site double standards are leveled out due to the practical, applied direction of its work. Here we will mainly talk about ways to protect against various forms of terrorist attacks, while the goals of these encroachments recede into the background.

Within the framework of the "Anti-Terror" site will be discussed following the issues: perimeter protection of various facilities; inspection equipment and algorithms for its use; detection and neutralization of explosives and explosive devices; comprehensive provision of antiterrorist security of facilities; the use for this purpose of unmanned aerial vehicles and a number of others.

The "Anti-Terror" site may become attractive for a wide range of participants, however, two categories should be especially highlighted: managers and employees of security services of life support facilities and large industrial enterprises; manufacturers of antiterrorist protection facilities and start-ups that have interesting developments in this field.

New format of the "Anti-Terror" site within the framework of "Say Future: Security" has a number of new opportunities: a variety of forms of communication, prompt establishment of business contacts, quick receipt of relevant information; high dynamics and richness of events.

Significance and basic principles of organization of counter-terrorist protection of objects.