Yury Tsyvinsky

Head of technical support service of IDIS company in Russia
Has more than 10 years’ experience of work in companies engaged in security systems and complex automation of the enterprises field. For the last 4 years holds the position of the head of technical support of Russian branch of IDIS company.
Realization of four fundamental security principles of devices of video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance system is often managed and controlled by security service of the company and it is not operated by IT-services. In most cases the staff of security services has no specialized knowledge in IT field and third-party organizations are engaged in service maintenance of video surveillance system that leads to additional expenses. Therefore all components of video surveillance systems should be applied "from a box" by default.

As a result the customer receives ready-to-use solution which does not require any profound IT knowledge at administrator level for installers and is simple in terms of IP video surveillance system setting.